Data Migration

Optimize your data efficiency with a seamless security-centric data migration process.

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Benefits of Migrating Data with Epixel

  • Minimal downtime
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced data management costs
  • Greater business agility
  • Eliminate operation burdens
  • End-to-end data protection

You may want to migrate your database for one
or all of the following reasons

  • Modernization of your legacy system
  • Expanding your storage system
  • Shifting to a centralized database
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Eliminate operation burdens
  • Merge or a acquisitions

Whatever your reason be, we can ensure a faster
and smoother data transitioning process

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Our Data Migration Services

Software Migration Services

Rebuild your entire system to a new platform with modern developing technologies. Securely migrate your databases, websites, and servers from an on-premises database or cloud.


Website migration services

An end-to-end website migration service ensures a smooth transition of your existing website without losing your current website traffic. Migrate from one platform, domain, server, or cloud to another with zero downtime.


Cloud migration services

Move your enterprise data and applications to a secure cloud infrastructure. Our migration services employ an advanced model mapping process to detect and address any kind of architecture issues.


Enterprise platform migration services

Migrate your enterprise databases without compromising your business efficiency. We ensure a fast and efficient enterprise platform migration process eliminating operational burdens.


Application migration services

Optimize your application performance by migrating legacy applications to the cloud. Our custom application migration services help businesses refactor, modernize and scale business applications.


Storage migration services

Scale up your business efficiency by migrating your data from outdated arrays to sophisticated modern storage platforms. Storage migration helps free up your hardware assets improving your process efficiency.