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Windows Mobile Application Development

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Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows mobile application development is now getting used as one of the best alternatives of Android and IOS apps. This kind of app development is gaining the maximum fame with the increase in the count of users of window phones. This kind of operating system is highly enriched and updated with matured functionalities. Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is having proven records in creating unique and customized mobile apps for window phones with great functionalities. These advanced apps are mainly used for their maximized flexibility and user-friendliness. .

Our skilled developers are having fullest knowledge regarding the specialized coding of mobile application which is mainly essential for the development of these mobile apps. Strong team for Windows mobile application development is our main strength and they are having detailed knowledge regarding the development of these kinds of mobile apps. Our experts are having long-time experience in testing and porting of window based mobile applications. They are also quite efficient in developing absolutely customized application solutions for the window-mobile users. We highly concentrate on the basic requirements of the users so that they can get optimized application using experience.

Our specialized aspects of window based mobile technology that are focused by our expert team of application development are in the following:-

  • Customized and unified UI framework.
  • Management of digital rights.
  • . Net, C# and C++ application development.
  • Bluetooth OBEX and Bluetooth inbox.
  • Multi-threaded application-framework.
  • Bluetooth messaging and discover.
  • Messaging, telephony.
  • Device management and configuration.
  • Audio recording and capture.
  • GPRS.
  • RTP and SIP.
  • HTTP communication.
  • Video recording and capturing.


We produce absolutely creative and innovative applications for window based mobiles and sell them at highly affordable price rates. We know how to provide value top the investments of our clients and thus we cater only satisfactory services. We also work on the basis of the latest technological updates of the window platform. Different types of industrial segments are being covered like utility, multimedia, weather, education, entertainment, healthcare, retail business and others. We are continuously going on adding different exclusive app features for making the window applications more sophisticated and flexible for all our customers.

Different specialized features that are being added to our development window applications are enhanced security, multi-threading, Seamless data-connectivity, POOM, programming models like managed code, native code, and mobile app-development and Bluetooth enriched API support. Different types of window applications are being developed by our professional team members and some are in the following:-

  • Internet access and internet.
  • Expense and time applications.
  • Spying applications.
  • VoIP solutions.
  • Data back-up applications.
  • Development of launcher application.
  • Endorsement by messaging.
  • Wireless communications.
  • Unified messaging-system.
  • Location-wise PPC system.
  • System and communication apps.
  • Streaming of multimedia applications over windows mobile.
  • Navigation and GPS applications
  • Utilities and multi-media application development.
  • Mobile based social networking.
  • Network-management applications.
  • Expense-management applications.
  • Proper sync of Desktop application for managing retail chains.