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Web Application Development

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Web Application Development

The web application is mainly the program or the script that is mainly executed on the web server, but the visitors can check the results on their browsers. A number of online businesses are now using this technique to improve their web presence. The standard web application development tools are secured, encrypted pages, SHTML, DHTML, ASP.Net, PHP, SQL, XML, JavaScript, MySQL, Microsoft MS Access, Ajax, flash design, Interbase and many more.

At Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have a complete team of versatile and highly skilled professionals having thorough knowledge in the latest technologies of web application development. With the help of this team, we offer a complete range of web application development services starting from the complex web applications, social network services and eBusiness applications to the simple content web site applications.

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offer a complete range of web application development services. These are namely:

  • E- Commerce development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Interactive Games
  • Social Networking
  • Online discussion forums
  • Project Management applications
  • Educational applications
  • Web conference applications

One of the major benefits of using the web based applications is that these can easily be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Besides, the web application development service offered by us helps in implementing the software system, which can easily be accessed with the platform-independent web-browser as the single interface. At this company, we cater to both the B2B and B2C clients through the solutions, which can encompass both Intranet and Internet across the industries and the technologies. The process oriented web solutions offered by our company really help us in maintaining the satisfied and repeated client base.

Here are the advantages, why you should choose us for developing the web applications:

Easy to use content management: At our company, we specialize in creating comprehensive content management systems that give any company the complete freedom of presenting as well as maintaining a great web presence. The web developers are expert in Drupal, Joomla and WordPress application development services. No matter whether it is a commercial or corporate site, the developers would hand the clients the total content management system.

Enhanced employee productivity: The developers of our company understand the unique requirements of the client companies. Therefore, they build and design the convenient and easy to use applications, which really assist the employees in managing the workflow and the documentation.

Interactive edge applications: The expert developers of our company explore the total potential of the features of the social networks for each web application on which we work. The programming experts of our company make sure enhanced visitors to the web application while they work hand in hand with the client companies to develop some Rich Internet Applications.

Personalized eCommerce applications: For the clients, who mainly have online businesses, we assist them in developing the feature-rich e-Commerce services that include custom online store applications, auction web applications etc. The solutions we offer are scalable and also affordable and these assist our clients in reaching their targets quickly and more effectively.