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Custom Web Designs

These days, the marketing landscape needs a professionally designed site, which offers the consumers user friendly functionality and enticing information. The web design, which is really hard to navigate or which makes the clients search through a number of pages in order to find out the thing that they are in search of, can often cause the visitors to leave the site quickly. Therefore, they visit the sites of the competitors. This is why it is very important to develop the site that is capable of making an amazing first impression as well as that can also capture the attention of the visitors so that they can return to the site often.

This is the reason why Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is here. This company works as a full service web design firm that assists the businesses and individual clients in achieving success in their online businesses. Therefore, we offer custom web design solutions to our clients with the help of our professional web designer team. This team has the thorough knowledge and the expertise in delivering the high impact and cutting edge sites that can attract the visitors and can also enable the site owners in maintaining a complete edge over the competitors.

Though creating a custom designed site right from the scratch can look like a daunting job, but with our unique approach we simplify the entire procedure. The customization is really helpful for the businesses to create trust, credibility and the differentiation that are required to stand apart from the competitors even in the long run. The values of the custom web design are:

  • It offers effective branding where quality is necessary
  • It offers a unique style that is more memorable
  • This type of design is mainly designed for the clients
  • This type of design is search engine optimized
  • This design offers scalability that is ready for the growth and changes

Till date we have designed a number of websites in the custom manner and we also have solutions to meet with the requirement of each of our clients through adding different unique features and add ons to the sites. So, whether you are a large corporation owner or a small business entrepreneur, we are capable of building the right online presence for you through the custom web design solutions that no one else can offer you. Now let’s have a look how we design the sites:

  • Before starting the design we discuss about the details of the project with the clients personally or over the phone to learn about the ideas, business objectives or the business goals of the clients
  • Then we research about the business and the competitors
  • Then we offer a detailed and concrete proposal with the creative ideas
  • If the client agrees with the proposal, then we make the final agreement
  • We start the work with the layout concept on the basis of your requests
  • After the layout gets approved, we start working on the designing process
  • After the completion of the design, we test it and therefore we send it to the client for the final approval before making the design live