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Cryptocurrency Development

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Cryptocurrency Development

It’s the 21st century, and the digital world has seen its signs for a new internet revolution. Cryptocurrency launched back in 2009, became an alternative for the payment modules of that time period. Epixel cryptocurrency Development Company offers you such valuable services that extend from crypto coin development to any latest customer preferences. From fiat money to such splendid payout methods make every customer more user-friendly and attractive towards your business.

Epixel cryptocurrency development services include every crypto or blockchain technology to enhance your business. Digital coins rule the world not just as a payment option but also like investment, trading, exchanges, etc.

Cryptocurrency development services

  • Cryptocoin/altcoin development: We develop you a new digital coin with unique abilities and great usability preferences.
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development: Multi-wallet development with at most security is our guarantee.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange Software: Make your own crypto-exchange platform with quick and multiple user transaction, exchanges etc.
  • Blockchain development: Epixel offers both private as well as public ledger system with high security and customizability.
  • Smart contract development: A complete set of digital protocols set to form a smart contract within the blockchain ledger.
  • Hyperledger: A virtual-private-network developed using blockchain project as an open source platform.
  • ICO development: We bring you a complete crowdfunding – toke sale event with share audits, token management etc.
  • ICO marketing: We bring your ICO campaign alive with more opportunities through various steps by means of the professional digital marketing team.
  • Whitepaper publishing: A complete blueprint for the project prepared by our expert team for a successful crowdfunding event.
  • Token development: Developing tokens using Ethereum platform as a marker or an asset. We use ERC20, ERC223, ERC777 tokens for this purpose.

Features/Benefits of cryptocurrency as a service

  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Quick transaction
  • Investment opportunity
  • Exchange platform
  • Customizable
  • Private & Public blockchain
  • Valuable
  • Futuristic
  • Trading coins

Epixel cryptocurrency Development Company supports, both existing as well as a new system with unique features. The customization ability kicks up an idea from the basic whitepaper to crowdfunding via ICO services and later on, by developing a crypto platform. We offer you a complete crypto-based system development with accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. Let’s make a call and shook hands for a business deal.