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CakePHP web Development

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CakePHP web Development

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading concern providing highly improved technological services offers absolutely knowledgeable and advanced services of CakePHP web development. CakePHP is basically used for developing web based online applications. Secured and powerful web applications can be created by means of PHP MVC architecture. Responsive websites can be easily created with great functionalities and flexibility with the help of CakePHP features. We cater the excellent implementation of an MCV architecture for extending and customizing web applications and interactive websites. Some useful CakePHP features that are provided by our company to our clients are:

  • Quick creation of affordable web applications
  • Supports JavaScript, HTML and Ajax
  • Compatible with the higher versions of PHP4
  • Rapid platform creation of application development
  • Secure and scalable
  • Flexible templating
  • Strong data validation
  • Association of data mapping
  • Front controller
  • Built-in validation
  • Active record
  • ORM and MCV architecture

We always provide result-oriented and cost-effective services of CakePHP web development so that our clients can gain more confidence in dealing with our company. Excellent customer-care support is being provided by our online representatives who are always ready to solve the queries of our customers at any point of time. We maintain absolutely stringent quality, so that our clients can enjoy the best services. Consistent support and on-time delivery of projects to our clients are one of the specialized features of our company. Seamless solution of application development can be provided by our company in terms of deployment, development, configuration and installation. We try to satisfy the requirements of our clients so that their businesses can be highly benefited. Some of the exclusive services of high technology oriented CakePHP include:

  • Hiring certified and experienced developers of CakePHP
  • Proper support, maintenance and installation
  • Component development
  • Module development
  • Customization and development of CakePHP
  • Dynamic web-applications
  • Content-management systems
  • Customized application development
  • Rich web based application development
  • E-commerce applications

Recently, our company has gained the maximum popularity in delivering innovative solutions that are highly useful in developing business ventures for clients all across the globe. Our CakePHP solutions are extremely flexible and highly structured. Open-source and quick web development can only be gained from the improved solutions of CakePHP. Our CakePHP experts are highly skilled in working on different languages ROR, CRUD, PHP4 or PHP5, CakePHP, CSS, XHTML, HTML or HTML5, JavaScript, and Ajax. We cater only value-added services including different kinds of CakePHP projects of our clients.

We are highly expert in maintaining industrial standard based high-quality product-development. We hire only selected and highly qualified CakePHP developers so that our clients can get value and quality services and support. Quick project deployment and development is one of the major features of our company. Today, we are having innumerable satisfied customers all across the globe and with them we are maintaining long-term relationship. Our experts of CakePHP are having sound knowledge of advanced technologies and thus our clients always get instant solutions. Seamless and effective communication, string technological efficiency, and result-oriented services are the base of our foundation.